Are PVC anti-corrosive plastic tiles resistant to sunlight

Is PVC anti-corrosion plastic tile sun-proof? Xingfa PVC anti-corrosion plastic tile is a roof tile specially produced for some corrosive plants and acid rain areas. It has good heat insulation, durable color, good impact resistance, high weather resistance, etc. Each layer of Xingfa PVC anti-corrosion plastic tile has its own function, and its surface is super weather resistant resin; The intermediate material has excellent rigidity and toughness, ensuring the strength of the product and increasing the rigidity of the product; The underlying material increases the toughness and the brightness of the product.

Three different materials endow PVC anti-corrosion plastic tile with various functional characteristics, and combine to make PVC anti-corrosion plastic tile keep stable product performance even if exposed to the sun for a long time.

Therefore, Xingfa PVC anti-corrosion plastic tile is very sun-proof and has remarkable effect. At present, color steel tiles have been replaced by PVC anti-corrosion plastic tiles in various fields.


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