Will pvc plastic tiles be as easy to rust as color steel tiles?

In the past, many factory roofs, market passages, etc. were mostly made of color steel tiles, which had poor corrosion resistance, were prone to rusting and leaking water, and needed frequent maintenance. However, a new material called PVC plastic tile has appeared on the building materials market. This material will not rust and leak water like color steel tiles. PVC plastic tile is a new environmental protection building material and is a replacement product of color steel tile. It has good corrosion resistance. Experiments have shown that PVC plastic tile can be immersed in various acids for a long time without any chemical reaction, effectively preventing acid and alkali corrosion. PVC plastic tile has a large span, up to 40 meters wide, suitable for large factories, markets, villas, etc., which can obviously save material costs and effectively protect steel structure from rust erosion, especially suitable for areas with frequent acid rain and coastal areas. In addition to effectively preventing corrosion, PVC plastic tile also has advantages of thermal insulation, fire prevention, waterproofing, insulation, etc., and is a replacement product of color steel tile.

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