Can PVC plastic tiles be fireproof?

Many people think that PVC plastic tiles are made of plastic and think that the fire resistance of plastic is inevitable. In fact, the fire resistance of PVC plastic tiles has always been a concern for our consumers. Can PVC plastic tiles be fireproof? Xingfa Editor will take you to understand! When PVC appeared, our researchers began to continuously strengthen the flame retardant technology of PVC plastic tiles. As of 2021, PVC plastic tiles have been tested by the National Chemical Testing Center and are classified as flame retardant materials with a fire rating of B1. This meets the fire safety standards, and PVC plastic tiles are fireproof, safe and environmentally friendly roofing materials that are vigorously promoted by the national building materials industry. Not only does PVC plastic tile have good fire resistance, but also has anti-corrosion, heat insulation, light weight, green environmental protection, easy installation, waterproof and moisture-proof, good insulation and other characteristics. In 2021, it has begun to be widely used in market channels, factories, warehouses, etc. PVC plastic tiles are easy to install, heat-insulating and sound-proofing. At present, PVC plastic tiles have the trend of replacing color steel tiles. PVC plastic tiles have a large span and are suitable for roof tiles of large-area factories. They are safe and comfortable, and can also beautify factories. They are a powerful assistant for enterprise brand upgrading!

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