What material is ASA synthetic resin tile made of

ASA resin tile is made of high weather-resistant ASA resin material, and is a new building material made of high-tech chemical technology. ASA resin tile is light in weight, waterproof, anti-corrosive, flame retardant, strong in strength, moisture-proof, heat insulation, etc. Most of the customers’ purchases are used for flat slope, industrial plant, greenhouse, farmers’ market, corridor, new rural construction, warehouse, old urban reconstruction, balcony ceiling, residential villas, shopping malls Residential quarters, antique buildings, etc. The accessories of ASA resin tile include main tile, cornice warping angle, positive ridge tile end, oblique ridge tile, tee, 120 ° vertical wall drain plate, oblique ridge tile end, gourd top, drip plate, positive ridge tile, antique drip plate, waterproof cap, 90 ° external corner sealing cornice, 90 ° gable drain plate, left and right cornice, 135 ° internal corner backflow plate, 90 ° internal corner backflow plate, etc.

The surface of ASA resin tile is very smooth. When it rains, the resin tile will be clean after being washed by rain, and the resin tile is not easy to hang snow, so the risk of roof collapse due to heavy snow load is reduced in snowy areas. The general thickness of ASA resin tile is 2.5-3MM, and the weight per square meter is about 4.5-6KG. The resin tile has good load resistance. The resin tile can be loaded with 150KG uniformly at the support interval of 750MM.


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