Stop being deceived by “inferior” synthetic resin tiles! Teach you how to choose!

Synthetic resin tiles have advantages such as lightweight, easy installation, beautiful appearance, and strong durability, which are increasingly favored by people. However, due to the numerous brands and varying quality of synthetic resin tiles in the market, it is difficult for consumers to make the right choice. Today, we will introduce some methods and techniques for choosing synthetic resin tiles. Pay attention.



First, weight ratio.

The main raw material of synthetic resin tiles is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), with a ratio of about 1.4.

By calculating the ratio of weight to volume, the main material composition of the resin tiles can be effectively determined, thereby ensuring the product’s service life. If weight ÷ volume > 1.4, it means that a large amount of heavy calcium carbonate and other fillers have been added to the resin tiles. Such products not only cannot guarantee the service life but are also prone to folding and high brittleness, only suitable for simple temporary buildings. To more accurately judge the quality of resin tiles, you can choose a professional muffle furnace for ash combustion testing. Resin does not leave any ash after burning, so the ash content mainly comes from non-combustible heavy calcium. The higher the calcium powder content, the worse the quality and the lower the cost.


Second, use fire to burn.

Ignite a corner of the resin tile and observe its burning situation. The main component of synthetic barrel tile roofs is polyvinyl chloride, which does not leave any ash after burning, only a pungent smell. If a large amount of ash appears after burning, it means that a large amount of heavy fillers such as calcium carbonate have been added to the resin tiles. The addition of these fillers not only affects the quality and service life of the product but also makes the resin tiles prone to folding and deformation, only suitable for simple temporary buildings.



Third, use hands to weigh and tap.

Gently tap the tile with your hand to check if it is sturdy and stable. A good synthetic barrel tile roofs should have a crisp and loud tapping sound, otherwise, there may be quality issues. High-quality resin tiles can bear a weight of more than 200 pounds, and it is difficult to break them by bending with both hands; inferior resin tiles are easily broken. In addition, when touching the surface of synthetic barrel tile roofs with your hand, it should be smooth and delicate, without rough or rough feeling, and there should be no obvious protrusions or depressions.



Fourth, look at the appearance.

Appearance is one of the key indicators to judge the quality of synthetic barrel tile roofs. Good synthetic resin tiles should have a uniform appearance without cracks, bubbles, obvious color differences, and color spots, with bright colors and high gloss.


In summary, when choosing synthetic resin tiles, various factors should be considered, including the material of the tiles, weight ratio, waterproof performance, UV resistance, etc. In addition, you can also consider the reputation and after-sales service of the brand, and choose reputable and guaranteed manufacturers or distributors for purchase.

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