Why do resin tiles crack and crack? How to improve the toughness of resin tiles

1. Purlin distribution

The selection and distribution of purlins are unreasonable and the spacing is too wide (it is recommended that the spacing be within 660mm), which can easily cause the resin tiles to fall, crack, and leak.


2. Keel

The angle between the keel and the resin tile must be reasonable, otherwise, the deformation of the keel will easily cause the resin tile to crack, and the keel must be straight.


3. The screw hardness is too high

Low-cost self-tapping screws have high hardness and are easy to drill. They have high carbon content and are easy to drill. They lack toughness. When the wind blows, the tensile force of the tiles will easily cause the resin tiles to crack.


4. Self-tapping screws are tightened too much

The tighter the self-tapping screws, the stronger the resin tile. Resin tiles are stretchable. If tightened too tightly, the resin tiles will be pulled by force when encountering strong winds, causing the self-tapping screws to break. The resin tiles will also cause cracks, so be sure to leave a gap when drilling holes during installation. , and the screws cannot be tightened too tightly.