How long is the service life of resin tiles that are lower than the market price

Customer questions: How many years of use life can a resin tile below the market price be used for in an old rural house?



Response: The service life of resin tile is related to the thickness of the material (whole surface ASA). Under the same condition of material, it depends on the thickness. The service life is generally between six and twelve years (actual natural environment in-depth analysis). Nowadays, the prices of houses in many areas are very high. Some people have given up the idea of buying a house in a big city and building a house in the countryside. The selection of tiles is the most important selection in the house. Now resin tiles are very popular. How long is the service life of resin tiles below the market price?



1. Pure ASA resin tiles can have a service life of about 30 years (calculated from test results), but friends who do not understand resin tiles feel that plastic products are very easy to crack when the wind blows lightly and the sun shines. However, resin tiles use ultra-weather-resistant ASA engineering project epoxy resin as the surface material. ASA weather-resistant engineering project epoxy resin is a ternary high polymer, which has the characteristics of solvent erosion resistance, longer aging resistance, heat insulation and flame retardant, stable color, rich colors, and not easy to fade. For example, vehicle plastic parts are common in our daily life. The plastic shell of the car is also lightly blown, rainy, and sunny, and it will not cause aging after more than ten years.

2. The service life of resin tiles has been questioned by many people. Many people do not believe that the service life is dozens of years.

3. The key factors affecting the service life of resin tiles include: the amount of ASA epoxy resin added, the natural environment of resin tiles (strong acid and alkali, hot and cold, ultraviolet light, etc.), the pass rate, and whether the raw material is purchased or raw material.

4. ASA epoxy resin is the surface treatment material of resin tiles, which has the effect of resisting ultraviolet light and avoiding the rapid brittle of epoxy resin.