Is it good to cover rural roofs with resin tiles

In recent years, many friends have chosen to go back to the countryside to build houses. Most of them adopt the form of sloping roof tiles, because its waterproof and thermal insulation effect is better than flat roof buildings. However, if the tile material is not properly selected, once natural disasters such as earthquakes and hail occur, the consequences will be unimaginable. Clay tiles, small green tiles and glazed tiles are fragile. How about covering resin tiles on the roof of the countryside?



Resin tiles have been shining since the smooth slope project in big cities, and composite functional resin tiles have been paid attention to by everyone. Now it is not uncommon in rural areas. Resin tiles are suitable for animal husbandry, industry, villas, garden buildings and other fields. They are also very suitable for use in rural areas. Synthetic resin tiles can be used for the renovation and replacement of tiles in newly built houses or old houses in rural areas, with a service life of more than 25 years and no need for renovation and maintenance.



Resin tiles are made of ASA engineering quality resin. They are green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, corrosion-resistant and not easy to age, impact-resistant and explosion-proof. With self-tapping screws, there is no fixed asset safety knowledge, which is firm and not falling off. Even if a typhoon, hail or an earthquake occurs, it will not be easily damaged. One tile can cover several square meters, and the joint is less effective in improving waterproofing and also very time-saving and labor-saving.



Compared with traditional materials such as floor tiles, glazed tiles and color steel tiles, resin tiles have stronger safety, longer service life and better performance. In addition to being used on the roof of the countryside, resin tiles are used in more and more fields and will be more widely used.