Which is more durable, resin tile or iron tile?

Which is more durable, resin tile or iron tile? In everyone’s eyes, the most essential difference between the two is that one is plastic and the other is iron. What else is the difference? Everyone may not be too clear, let’s understand together: Synthetic resin tile is made of ASA resin, which has outstanding corrosion resistance, good toughness, good strength, etc. It belongs to insulation products and has high safety. Moreover, the sound insulation of resin tile is good. Experiments have proved that synthetic resin tile has a good effect of absorbing noise, and the heat insulation effect of resin tile is also good. Living under the resin tile will have a feeling of winter warmth and summer coolness. 



Iron tile is made of iron. The paint on the iron tile has corrosion resistance and short-term protection of the material, but rusting cannot be avoided. Whenever it rains, it will accelerate rusting, resulting in deformation, leakage, etc., and it needs to be maintained and renovated frequently. Moreover, iron tile is not an insulation product, and accidents may occur in thunderstorms, which is not safe. The roof insulation of iron tile is poor, the noise is loud, it is not durable, and the comfort is poor. 



Therefore, for safety and comfort, we recommend using synthetic resin tile. Synthetic resin tile is beautiful and has various colors, which is very suitable for our houses. It can be used for more than 25 years without maintenance and renovation.