Can resin tiles withstand typhoons?

Many of the houses in coastal villages are old-style tile houses, with simple roof structures consisting of wooden beams, wooden laths, and dry-hanging tiles. Such roofs cannot withstand the destruction of strong typhoons. The wooden structure has lost its strong support and cannot meet the wind load standard. Therefore, wind and rain have become part of the daily life of local people. Let’s talk about the workshop again.



At present, the factory structure is multi-span or single-span steel frame structure, and the roof is covered with color steel single board or composite board. If you don’t understand the structure of building materials, you would think that steel plates would be very strong and durable, and there would be no problem of strong wind resistance! Wrong, we know that the durability of materials depends not only on the hardness of materials. Building materials are exposed to nature. They have to go through wind, rain, sun, etc. Rainwater contains corrosive acid and alkali molecules, and the sun has ultraviolet rays, which can change the basic structure of matter and make it weathering and corrosion. The installation method of color steel plate is to expose the nails, and the galvanized layer is quickly corroded by more rainwater, and then penetrate into the steel plate. Corrosion gradually expands, and the whole roof loses its fixing force. Such a color steel roof is bound to be overturned by strong winds, the consequences can be imagined! Even without strong winds, the corroded roof will continue to leak in the rain.



Can resin tiles resist typhoons? Why do we say that resin tiles can resist typhoons? It’s very simple. We know that resin tiles are made of engineering plastics, and their surfaces are covered with anti-ultraviolet agents such as ASA. Plastic materials are resistant to strong acids and strong alkali and are not easy to corrode. In addition, its unique installation method: super-strong galvanized nails + cover + waterproof gasket. Someone may ask, plastic materials are not as hard as steel plates, can you get along with people? Of course. It is called “synthetic resin tile”, which is not ordinary plastic. After composite, its toughness and bending degree are improved. On the contrary, it is color steel plate. If someone or some place bends and collapses above, there will be wrinkles. These small cracks are the soft ribs of water erosion, which are not easy to gradually expand to large-scale corrosion.



Needless to say, the low-carbon environmental protection, aesthetics, fire rating of the resin tile have all reached the standard. Therefore, since the resin tile entered the market more than 20 years ago, it has been favored by more and more architects. It also shows unparalleled advantages in many urban and rural transformation, old house transformation, and flat transformation projects!