Which is better, transparent tiles or skylight tiles

Guangdong Xingfa Tile Industry is a professional manufacturer of glass steel skylight tiles, PC transparent tiles, and has rich production experience. We have more than ten years of skylight tile production experience. The Xingfa Resin Tile R&D team provides you with high-quality transparent tiles, anti-corrosion tiles, skylight tiles, resin tiles, etc. products.



Today, let’s talk briefly about the difference between transparent tiles and skylight panels, which one is better and more suitable for us:

First, the maintenance difference between transparent tiles and skylight panels: The surface of transparent tiles is coated with anti-ultraviolet film, which does not absorb dust and is easy to clean, with low protection cost and long cycle. The cleaning and maintenance of skylight panels is also simple, but the surface of skylight panels is easy to scratch.



Second, building and waterproofing: Transparent tiles can be customized to match the cross-section completely according to the needs, with low cost and good water resistance, and can be used by both large span and small span manufacturers. The skylight panel is made of flat plate, with fixed accessories, which makes the skylight panel well connected. However, the thermal expansion coefficient of the skylight panel is large, and it is easy to leak water in the large span factory.



In fact, both skylight panels and transparent tiles can play the role of lighting, there is no saying which one is better, only which one is more suitable!