Customer: Which is better, color steel tile or resin tile for the roof?

Xingfa Tile Industry: Synthetic Resin tile.

Color steel tile is also called metal tile. It is made of aluminum-zinc steel plate and the surface is colored ceramic particles. In terms of thermal insulation and sound insulation, the best thermal insulation is the coated color steel tile, and the best sound insulation is the double-layer color steel tile. The cheapest is the ordinary color steel tile, so you need to consider your actual needs to choose the right color steel tile.



However, compared with resin tile, color steel tile has general thermal insulation, general flame retardant, and poor sound insulation, especially when it rains, the sound of color steel tile is very loud.

Resin tile is made of resin. The main raw materials of resin tile are acrylic acid, acrylamide and polystyrene rubber. Resin tile has various colors and is very light, which is an environmentally friendly product.



A piece of resin tile has a large area, so there are few joints for waterproofing; and the weight of synthetic resin tile is very light, the installation process is very simple, and it reduces the load-bearing of the house, which is shorter than the color steel tile in construction time.



The shape of resin tile is designed to imitate ancient glazed tiles, with the beautiful shape of glazed tiles, but without the disadvantages of glazed tiles. It is the replacement product of glazed tiles and color steel tiles in 2020. Resin tile is more corrosion-resistant, soundproof, three-dimensional, cost-effective, and very suitable for rural customers.