How do we avoid the waste of materials during the installation of resin tiles?

We believe that we are all very clear about the advantages and characteristics of our resin tiles. Now some people are installing our synthetic resin tiles on the roof, which will cause more or less material loss in the installation process. So, how can the synthetic resin tile manufacturing enterprises solve this problem? That is what we are talking about today. In this case, how to reduce the material loss of synthetic resin tile manufacturing enterprises in the installation process can be reduced by the following methods.



When we purchase, we must consult our customer service. When we decide to use it, we need to choose according to the roof. For complex structures of roof, narrow width resin tiles can be selected to reduce the scrap rate when cutting. For simple structures and large areas of roof, the number of joints can be reduced to reduce the loss. When providing the size to the synthetic resin tile manufacturer, the specific size of each slope should be calculated. In this way, the technical personnel of the synthetic resin tile manufacturer can calculate the tile length of each position of the slope according to the size of each slope, and then accurately install each tile according to the tile distribution map provided by the manufacturer, and reduce the loss at a certain position after installation.



Therefore, the more accurate the size you tell the customer when you buy, the more accurately we can calculate the resin tiles you need. In addition, the resin tiles you purchase are from a very mature resin tile field. The tiles produced in this area basically meet the standard production, and the process and raw materials meet the standard production. From the perspective of roof safety, pre-investment can save you more maintenance costs and ensure personal and property safety.



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