What tiles are covered on the roof for a long life

The life of buildings such as houses is directly proportional to the quality of roof tiles. Choosing a suitable roof tile for your own house can ensure the life of the house. So what kind of tile has a long life for the roof? How should we choose the roof tile? We should analyze the roof tile from the structure of the building, the living environment, and the characteristics of the roof tile, and it is very important to choose a suitable roof tile. 



Clay tiles: Clay tiles are mainly made of clay, and the requirements for clay are high, with less impurities and high plasticity. Clay tiles also have many types, such as small green tiles, ridge tiles and flat tiles. Because clay tiles are cheap, people like them, but clay tiles can only be used on roofs with large slopes. Due to environmental protection requirements, the proportion of clay in building roof materials is gradually decreasing. 

Ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are made of clay and other composites by high-temperature firing. Ceramic tiles have poor gloss and are suitable for self-built residences. In recent years, with the protection of land resources by the state, the use of ceramic tiles has been restricted, and the use of new roof tiles is now strongly encouraged.



 Asphalt tiles: The main material of asphalt tiles is glass fiber felt. Asphalt tiles are cheap, have various colors, are light in weight, but are prone to aging and have a short service life. When asphalt tiles encounter strong winds, they are easily blown off, posing a great safety hazard. 

Resin tiles: Most of the resin tiles on the market are synthetic resin tiles, which we also call synthetic resin tiles. Synthetic resin tiles are a new type of environmentally friendly roof tiles promoted by the state, which are weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant, insulated and safe, not easy to fade, light in weight, easy to construct, and widely used in the current vigorously promoted “flat-to-slope” projects in China. 



Glazed tiles: The main material of glazed tiles is high-quality ore, which is crushed and formed under high pressure and finally fired at high temperature. Glazed tiles have good waterproof performance, good appearance, but this kind of tiles are expensive. Glazed tiles are fragile and not suitable for long-distance transportation. They are heavy and easy to fall off.

 Color steel tiles: The main material of color steel tiles is color coated steel plate, which is suitable for industrial, warehouse, special buildings, various structural roofs, etc. Color steel plate is sprayed and plasticized by spraying process. If it is used for a long time, it will fall off, rust easily, have a short service life, and need regular maintenance. The sound insulation effect of iron sheet is poor.