What is the best roof tile?

Now we enter the countryside, there are no small green tile houses anymore, there are glazed tiles, resin tiles, etc., all kinds of them, someone will ask, what kind of tiles are best for the roof? Below, the editor will analyze the various common tiles for you. Synthetic resin tiles: also called plastic tiles, antique tiles, PVC wave tiles, composite tiles, plastic steel tiles, etc. It is a new building material this year, and the country vigorously promotes the product, which can be soundproof and heat-insulating, light in weight, waterproof and moisture-proof, etc. We can see the figure of resin tiles in shopping malls, rural markets, sunshades, houses, villas, etc. Glazed tiles have a long service life, the raw materials are made of high-quality ore, because the material of glazed tiles is very high quality, so the service life will be very long. But it is easy to break, not suitable for long-distance transportation, and heavy, easy to fall off, environmental pollution, etc., glazed tiles are currently the object of national environmental protection rectification. Cement tiles have good waterproof performance, low cost, many types and strong bearing capacity. But the disadvantage is that it is heavy and easy to break. It is suitable for houses and villas. Solar tiles are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, suitable for many roofs, and can be used for power generation and storage. The disadvantage is that the product price is high, the product maintenance price is also high, and the color is single, black. After the introduction of these common tiles, resin tiles will be more suitable compared with them, which can adapt to various roofs, easy to construct and install, so it is currently more popular. Finally, which tile do you think is best for self-building a house in the countryside?