What brand of resin tile is good?

[Customer question] What brand of resin tile is the best?

[Response from netizens] The quality of the products produced by Xingfa resin tiles is good, and the price of resin tiles is also very affordable. The Xingfa resin tiles that my family bought a few years ago are still the same as new ones. I still remember to visit Xingfa resin tile company When I was in business, I found that the business was very enthusiastic, and now the customer service will ask me to use return visits to help our customers solve problems. Xingfa resin tiles also signed a warranty for me, and the warranty is as long as 30 years, so I can use them with confidence.



[Netizens answered] Is this good or not? I can tell whether the resin tile is good or not. It is the best.

1. Pay attention to the crest of resin tile products (the crest is directly related to the speed of water discharge)

2. Pay attention to the corrosion resistance of resin tiles (the corrosion resistance of resin tiles determines the service life)

3. Pay attention to the length of a resin tile (reserve space for thermal expansion of the resin tile)



And as a customer, we have the right to require the manufacturer to provide a product quality inspection report issued by a third-party professional testing organization. For example, the manufacturer of [Xingfa Tile Industry] can provide a 30-year warranty and other product testing agency certificates.



[Netizen Answers] The best resin tile brand? This question is hard to say. I think the resin tile products of Foshan Xingfa Tile Industry Co., Ltd. are very good. The Xingfa resin tile brand is also well-known in Foshan. Insulation, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, installation and other experiments.