Resin tile accessories catalog

Currently, the prices of resin tile accessories in the building materials market differ greatly, and many consumers do not understand why the price gap is so large. Today, I will explain the reasons to you. 



First, the thickness of synthetic resin tile accessories: the standard thickness of synthetic resin tile accessories is above 3.0mm, but due to the fierce competition in the building materials market, some manufacturers produce 2.5mm and 2.0mm resin tiles at a low price to reduce costs and save raw materials. 

Second, ASA materials: there are ASA raw material manufacturers all over the country, and the resin tiles made of low-quality ASA raw materials have poor aging resistance and fade quickly. 

Third, material ratio: synthetic resin tile accessories are made of PVC, ASA, auxiliary stabilizers, etc., and the ratio here is crucial, so the price also differs greatly. 

When synthetic resin tile enterprises expand, they need to spend more effort on picture galleries and price galleries, and then, excellent talents. At present, Xingfa Tile Industry uses high-end equipment to ensure the quality of the products. However, it is not enough to have high-end equipment to produce high-quality resin tiles. It also requires some excellent talents to design products and operate and manage these high-end equipment, so it is important to introduce and cultivate talents.