What is resin tile? What are the types of resin tiles? What are the characteristics of resin tiles?

With the development of technology, there are various types of tiles available in the market, such as resin tiles. Perhaps many people are not particularly familiar with resin tiles. What kind of tiles are they? What is the material? What are the characteristics?



What are resin tiles?

Resin tiles are a new type of environmentally friendly tiles. Resin tiles are divided into natural resin tiles and synthetic resin tiles, with synthetic resin tiles being the most common in the market. Synthetic resin tiles are made from high-weather-resistant engineering resin ASA. ASA is a ternary polymer composed of acrylonitrile, styrene, and acrylic rubber.


Types of synthetic resin tiles include: European Roman tiles, 1050 daylighting glass tiles, large circular corrugated tiles, small green tiles, antique ASA synthetic resin tiles, integrated tiles, and so on.



Characteristics of synthetic resin tiles:

1. Long-lasting color

The surface material of synthetic resin tiles is made of imported ultra-high weather-resistant engineering resin. It has exceptional durability in natural environments and can maintain color stability even under long-term exposure to harsh conditions such as UV rays, moisture, heat, and cold.

2. Good thermal and sound insulation

Synthetic resin tiles have excellent thermal insulation properties. Tests have shown that they can effectively absorb noise when exposed to external factors such as thunderstorms and strong winds.

3. it has strong corrosion resistance. 

Synthetic resin tiles can withstand long-term corrosion from various chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and salts. They are very suitable for use in acid rain-prone areas and coastal areas.


4. it has strong impact resistance and load-bearing capacity. 

Synthetic resin tiles have a strong ability to withstand external impacts. They also have good load-bearing capacity. In areas with low temperatures, even if the roof is covered in snow all year round, synthetic resin tiles will not suffer surface damage or breakage.


5. it is environmentally friendly. 

Synthetic resin tiles do not contain asbestos or radioactive elements, and they can be recycled, fully meeting green environmental requirements.



The above content mainly describes the types and characteristics of resin tiles. Nowadays, resin tiles are a relatively good material because they are not only cheap in price but also have good performance. We will also provide the best product solutions according to customer needs, so that customers have no worries! Therefore, when buying synthetic resin tiles, be sure to contact a professional synthetic resin tile manufacturer!