Revealing the service life of synthetic resin tiles: How long is the warranty?

Synthetic resin tiles, as a material widely used in roofs, their service life has always been the focus of people’s attention. Many people wonder how long synthetic resin tiles with different prices can be used, and what is the warranty period? Today, the editor will give you answers one by one.

First of all, the service life of synthetic resin tiles mainly depends on the raw materials used in their production. Synthetic resin tiles with prices ranging from 25 to 55 yuan have different quality differences hidden behind them. Those low-priced products may use inferior ABS materials or refurbished ASA materials. These synthetic resin tiles, after about 5 years of exposure to wind and rain, may begin to show signs of cracks, leaks and a series of other problems. As the saying goes: “You get what you pay for.” For these low-priced products, you may not be able to expect them to have a long lifespan.

On the contrary, the slightly more expensive but superior quality synthetic resin tiles are the real choice. These high-quality products use excellent corrosion-resistant materials and remain stable even if they are immersed in various acids, alkalis, salts and other chemical substances for a long time, and no chemical reaction will occur within 24 hours. The service life of such synthetic resin tiles can be as long as 30 years, and the roof will be reliably protected during the warranty period, whether it faces natural wind, rain or various chemical attacks.

In order to avoid purchasing inferior synthetic resin tiles, the key is to choose a regular manufacturer. Only by choosing manufacturers with good reputation and guaranteed product quality can the safety and durability of the roof be truly guaranteed. Remember, “you get what you pay for” if you are cheap, you may step into a pit. Quality is the king that determines the service life of synthetic resin tiles.

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