Resin Tiles: A Cool Retreat for Farms, Creating Comfortable Habitats for Small Animals

In this scorching summer, the heatwave is unbearable for humans, and even more so for small animals, posing a severe challenge. Due to their poor self-regulation and low immunity, small animals are prone to heatstroke and illness. Farm owners are well aware of this, facing the dilemma of how to cool down the animals as soon as summer arrives. Fortunately, the emergence of resin tiles provides an ideal solution to this problem.

As an innovative roofing material, resin tiles have become the top choice for farms due to their outstanding heat insulation properties. With a thermal conductivity of only 0.325W/m.k, resin tiles have a lower thermal conductivity compared to traditional materials such as clay tiles (1/310), cement tiles (1/5), and 0.5mm thick color steel tiles (1/200), effectively slowing down the rate of heat conduction. This means that even in hot weather, resin tiles can maintain a constant temperature in the farm, providing a comfortable and stable living environment for small animals. This way, they no longer have to worry about adapting to high temperatures and suffering from heatstroke and illness!

In addition to excellent heat insulation properties, resin tiles have a range of other advantages, making them the ideal choice for farms. Firstly, the lightweight and flexibility of resin tiles give them good impact and compression resistance, able to withstand certain loads without easily cracking or being damaged. They also exhibit excellent weather resistance and long lifespan. They can resist erosion from external factors such as UV rays, acid rain, and high temperatures, remaining unfaded, unaged, and crack-free. This means that farm roofs installed with resin tiles can be used for a long time without frequent replacement, saving maintenance costs.


Furthermore, resin tiles have excellent waterproofing properties. They possess outstanding waterproofing capabilities, effectively preventing rainwater leakage and maintaining a dry environment inside the farm. This is crucial for the health and growth of small animals, avoiding issues caused by excessive humidity.

In the scorching summer days, resin tiles become a beautiful sight in farms, creating a cool retreat for small animals. Their heat insulation properties, lightweight and flexible characteristics, weather resistance, waterproofing capabilities, and easy installation make resin tiles the preferred choice for farm owners. Let us work together to create a comfortable and livable environment for small animals, keeping them away from the troubles of high temperatures and allowing them to grow healthily and happily!

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