Synthetic resin tiles: the safety guardian under super typhoons!

Summer is always accompanied by frequent typhoons, bringing floods, flash floods, landslides, and other natural disasters to this coastal area. Faced with severe tests, many factories urgently need to find a roof material that can resist super typhoons. Among many options, synthetic resin tiles have become the best safety guardian due to their outstanding performance.

Many factories currently use steel frame structures and color steel tiles as roof materials. Although color steel tiles have high strength, their corrosion resistance is relatively poor. When exposed to the natural environment for a long time, color steel tiles are prone to corrosion, leading to serious issues such as rust and leakage. When hit by a typhoon, severely corroded color steel tiles are likely to be blown over by the wind, causing severe damage and danger.

Compared to color steel tiles, synthetic resin tiles use super weather-resistant engineering resin ASA as raw material, possessing excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Synthetic resin tiles are tough and very durable. Regardless of the harsh environment, synthetic resin tiles can remain intact, serving as a solid line of defense, providing reliable protection for buildings, especially in areas prone to frequent typhoons.


Synthetic resin tiles have many outstanding advantages. Firstly, their super weather resistance enables them to withstand the test of the natural environment without being affected by high-intensity impacts such as ultraviolet rays, acids, alkalis, salts, etc. Secondly, synthetic resin tiles have good wind and earthquake resistance, maintaining stability under typhoon attacks. Additionally, synthetic resin tiles have thermal insulation properties, creating a comfortable indoor environment for factories.


In areas prone to frequent typhoons, choosing synthetic resin tiles as roof materials is a wise decision. Synthetic resin tiles not only effectively resist the onslaught of super typhoons but also provide lasting protection, reducing losses and risks caused by typhoons.

Ensuring safety is the top priority in factory construction. Therefore, as a resin tile manufacturer, we recommend choosing synthetic resin tiles as roof materials, as they will become the safety guardian of your factory. Whether facing strong winds and heavy rains or harsh environments, synthetic resin tiles will provide reliable protection for your building, giving you peace of mind during the typhoon season.

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