Quality standard of resin tile

High-quality resin tile is the most concerned issue for every interested customer, so how to choose high-quality synthetic resin tile? The quality resin tile is light in texture, has a tapping sound, and the gap between inferior imitation tiles feels heavy and the tapping sound between boards is clear. Here are some standards for judging the quality of resin tiles: first, the color is correct, without color difference and spots; the weather resistance of high-quality resin tiles is good, the service life is long, and it is not affected by local climate; the size and shape of high-quality resin tiles are carefully designed, and there is almost no deviation.



1. The resin tile has a soft and uniform color without inferior feeling; there is no color difference and no spots.

2. The weather-resistant resin tile has a long-lasting color and is not faded by sun and rain.

3. The tile shape of qualified manufacturers is carefully designed by experts from an artistic point of view, which will give people a sense of beauty and intimacy when laid on the roof. This small factory’s tile is not carefully checked and designed. When the tile is laid on the house, it gives people a mechanical and stiff feeling. Uncomfortable to look at.



4. Good roof tiles are laid in straight lines, like printing, neat and beautiful. If the tiles are warped, the gaps after laying will be very large and not very beautiful.

5. In northern China, the temperature of resin tiles in winter is generally lower than -15℃. Due to the poor compaction of synthetic resin tiles without high-pressure rolling, the service life is not long.



The above is the standard for selecting the quality of resin tiles, hoping to help you.