Is the quality of the resin tile good, and how many years can it be used normally?

Many people think that the quality of resin tile depends on the raw materials. In theory, resin tile can be used for 30 years, and if the quality is poor, it will cause major problems within 10 years. However, according to the specific situation, the resin tile is produced and manufactured according to the national industry standards, and the surface ASA reaches 0.15, which can maintain 10 years without fading. According to the most effective condition of the new upgraded materials and light calcium preparation, it can be used for 25-30 years at most. In fact, it is not easy to say how many years the resin tile can be used. Now the quality of resin tile on the market is not standard. Therefore, for the question of how many years the resin tile can be used, it is recommended to choose the resin tile manufacturer of Xingfa, which guarantees 30 years of quality.