How to install PVC translucent lighting tile?

PVC translucent day-lighting tiles are traditional buildings in China, so how to install PVC translucent day-lighting tiles? Firstly, waterproof the roof and stick some coarse sand or small gravel on the waterproof layer to strengthen the fusion between the waterproof layer and the mortar cushion to prevent the tiles from sliding. Secondly, when laying the PVC translucent day-lighting tiles, use wet mortar to lay the Xingfa synthetic resin tiles to ensure that the resin tiles are firmly bonded to the roof surface, and the roof slope is guaranteed to be below 45 degrees. Thirdly, the installation method of day-lighting tiles is similar to that of glazed tiles, which is a stacking installation. The construction process and installation method of PVC translucent day-lighting tiles are complex and particular. For details, please contact Xingfa resin tile manufacturers for consultation on related installation methods.