What is the material of the lighting tile?

There are two kinds of skylight tiles: one is glass fiber reinforced plastic skylight tile, which has colored light-transmitting type, colorless light-transmitting type and semi-transparent semi-transparent type. The service life of the anti-aging film on the surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic skylight tile can reach 30 years. If you choose to use glass fiber reinforced plastic skylight tile, in order to meet the requirements of lighting and tile spacing, it is better to be thinner rather than thicker, otherwise the joint gap will be too large, which will lead to leakage.



Another kind of skylight tile is made of polycarbonate board, which is our ordinary PC board, belongs to organic light-transmitting board. Compared with other skylight tiles, PC skylight tiles have high strength, good bending performance, high light transmittance, impact resistance, long service life, good heat insulation, aging resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics.



Transparent skylight tile belongs to FRP skylight board, which is mainly composed of unsaturated polyester resin, alkali-free glass fiber as reinforcing material, and other auxiliary materials. Specific performance can be consulted with the customer service of the official website of Xingfa Resin Tile Factory.