How to choose synthetic resin tile

Spring and summer are the seasons with more rain in northern regions. Many homeowners have experienced a cold winter, which has resulted in varying degrees of frost damage. Recently, many owners have come to us and asked us what we need to pay attention to when buying resin tiles and how to choose them. In response to this question, we will answer it for you and hope it will be helpful.



When choosing resin tiles, the arch height of the resin tiles must be taken into consideration. The weather resistance of the resin tiles determines the service life of the resin tiles. When purchasing, it is necessary to know whether the resin tiles of the manufacturer have added additives to enhance weather resistance and ensure the performance of the resin tiles.

Resin tiles come in many colors. Different colors of resin tiles absorb light to different degrees. Ultraviolet rays are also one of the factors affecting the service life of resin tiles.



Finally, pay attention to the size of the resin tiles, that is, the length and width of the resin tiles. In the process of roof construction, it is composed of several pieces of resin tiles. You can calculate the most suitable length of resin tiles according to your own roof. On the one hand, it can control the cost, on the other hand, it can reserve a certain thermal expansion and expansion space for the later resin tiles, which can improve the thermal insulation performance of the whole project.



Above is about how to choose synthetic resin tiles. The article is from Foshan Chancheng Xingfa Tile Industry Co., Ltd., a professional resin tile manufacturer in China.