Is it good to use resin tiles for self built houses in rural areas? What is the price of resin tiles

When it comes to building houses in the countryside, the first thing to consider is the stability of the foundation. In any case, the tiles used in roof construction cannot be ignored. It can be said that the roof represents the front of the house. With the rapid development of the economy, there are many kinds of tiles used for building houses, not only limited to cement tiles as before, but also a series of colored glazed tiles, asphalt tiles, color steel tiles, blue tiles, metal tiles, etc. Years ago, the most commonly used tiles for building houses in rural areas. Later, it gradually developed to flat roof construction with concrete. After a long period of research, it was found that most flat roofs made of concrete would have seepage, so the praise of “flat to slope” began. At the same time, the most commonly used resin tile in the process of leveling to slope should be this one!



First of all, the synthetic resin tile is made of three materials: Acrylamide, polystyrene and acrylic rubber, which need to be mechanically high-temperature pressed. The surface of the resin tile is smooth, and the excellent ultra-weathering material ASA or PMMA is selected. Through surface co-extrusion, the bottom layer is made of high-quality PVC wear-resistant resin, and advanced double-layer co-extrusion technology is used for one-time molding, which also increases its service life.

The quality of the resin tile is very light, less than one tenth of the weight of the traditional tile. Anti-corrosion, no micro-seepage, fireproof, frost-proof, moisture-proof, soundproof, rainproof, hail-proof, shockproof, heat preservation, durability, non-fading, and keeping the roof beautiful. If the ordinary resin tile produced by the same manufacturer is used, its service life can reach more than 30 years, which is much higher than that of the traditional tile. Unlike the old tiles before, if it can’t stand the strong wind and rain, it is easy to be blown away. After being washed by strong wind and rain, it is necessary to pick up the tiles on the roof. Nowadays, the common sunshades and umbrellas are mostly covered with resin tiles.

At the same time, the resin tile is bright in color and easy to recognize. Red, blue, gray and green, as well as all kinds of desired colors can be made. And the roof made of resin tile will be cleaned in the rain, so the resin tile looks more beautiful.



The price of synthetic resin tiles varies according to the specifications. The most obvious quality of synthetic resin tiles is heavy (due to the addition of calcium powder, the resin content is very small), so the price is lower and the service life is about 4-5 years; high-quality synthetic resin tiles have the characteristics of lightness (due to the large proportion of resin price without calcium powder); the price is naturally higher, and the service life can reach more than 30 years, and the color will not change significantly after 10 years. Different brands of different manufacturers will have a great difference in price, just like when we buy shoes, clothes, and bags, the same style and the same material, but because of different brands, each thing has its own price positioning, so the brand effect is produced, and the price will be greatly different. In a word, “Practice is the only criterion for testing truth”. Whether it is scientists who draw conclusions through repeated experiments, or ordinary people who judge the rationality of events through practice and naked eyes, only through repeated practice can the final conclusion be drawn. This is convincing, so you will know whether the resin tile is easy to use!