How long is the general life of synthetic resin tiles?

How long is the general life of synthetic resin tiles? Synthetic resin tiles are made of ASA anti-corrosion and high weather-resistant materials. The general life span is about 30 years. At present, it is a new type of roof tile with a long service life.

The main material of the synthetic resin tile and the ASA high weather-resistant resin on the surface will not chemically react with acid, alkali, etc., that is to say, the performance of the resin tile will not decrease under the environment of acid, alkali, and salt for a long time. Therefore, resin tiles have a long service life, are not easy to fade, and have a service life of eight years longer than ordinary composite tiles. The general lifespan of synthetic resin tiles is about 30 years.

Affecting the service life of synthetic resin tiles is the surface ASA resin, as high weather resistance engineering resin will affect the service life of resin tiles. High-quality ASA high weather resistance engineering resin has the characteristics of super long weather resistance, not easy to fade, chemical corrosion resistance, stable color, heat insulation and flame retardant, rich colors, and so on. The inferior synthetic resin tile surface layer is not resistant to chemical corrosion, easy to fade, and will be brittle and cracked.

[Questions from customers] Where to buy resin tiles?

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[Answer] Resin tiles are generally available from building materials companies, and you can also buy them online. Xingfa resin tiles are recommended.

Resin tiles are developed using high-tech chemical technology. They are light in weight, strong in strength, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and flame-retardant, sound-proof and heat-insulating, etc., awnings, and so on are widely used.

[Answer] Let me tell you that ASA synthetic resin tiles are inferior in appearance. I think you should know the age of the manufacturer first. It depends on its scope of use and whether it is recognized by everyone. Guangdong Foshan Xingfa Tile Industry is very good, with affordable prices and good quality. We can consult online.

In 2020, with the promotion of resin tiles, resin tiles are widely used in our lives. The current leveling project uses resin tiles. Many places and projects use synthetic resin tiles, such as real estate, municipal engineering, cultural ancient buildings, Self-built houses, villas, and factories.

Compared with the previous traditional tiles, resin tiles: 1. Safe and firm without falling off; 2. Higher ornamental value; 3. Longer service life; 4. Shorter construction time. Now, the Xingfa tile industry editor will introduce to you how much is a square meter of resin tile.


How much is a square of resin tile?

1. High-quality resin tiles use ASA weather-resistant engineering resin as the surface of the resin tiles, and the surface thickness of the resin tiles is 0.15mm as stipulated by the national standard, so the quality, performance, and service life of the resin tiles will be very good.

2. There are many cheap resin tiles in the building materials market. The raw materials of such resin tiles must be different from those of high-quality resin tiles. Some use ABS instead of ASA, and some ASA weather-resistant engineering resin layer thickness is not 0.15mm as stipulated by the national standard. High-quality resin tiles are easy to fade, break, age, etc. Such resin tiles only have an appearance, but they have no real function, so everyone should not be greedy for cheap when buying resin tiles.

3. The thickness of the resin tile is different, and the price is also different (the color can be customized according to the customer, the thickness is 2.5mm, the width is 880mm, and the Guangdong area is 30 yuan a square, and the thickness is 1050mm, and the Guangdong area will reach about 35 yuan. Thickness 3.0mm, width 880mm, Guangdong will reach the price of 40 yuan per square meter (wholesale from the manufacturer will be lower than the market price).

The use of resin tiles, the construction time is short, the safety performance of the house is high, the decorative value of the house is high, and the service life of the tile and the house is long. Compared with traditional tiles that are easy to break and fall off, resin tiles are fixed with self-tapping screws, which are safe and firm. So how many screws per square meter of resin tiles? Especially in areas with frequent earthquakes and frequent wind and rain all year round. Safety and sturdiness are one of the main reasons for choosing resin tiles.


How many screws per square meter of resin tile, generally 4 per square meter is enough.

If the tiles overlap, we usually need to do reinforcing screws at the overlap. Some installers prefer to use hard, easy-to-drill screws. These screws are rich in carbon and easy to drill, but lack toughness. In case of wind, sun, or resin tile expansion, it is easy to break. When installing the resin tile, it must be noted that the hole diameter of the tile must be 2mm larger than the diameter of the screw, and the nut should be properly tightened, not too tight.

Reserve the thermal expansion and contraction space of the tile, and add a soft waterproof rubber pad between the tile and the screw. This prolongs the life of tiles and screws and prevents roof leaks. Remember, standard installation is an important part of ensuring the quality of resin tiles.

With the advancement of science and technology, there are more and more roof tiles in the building materials market, and they are also more complicated. Are resin tiles and aluminum tiles durable? This makes many customers a headache when purchasing roof tiles. They don’t know which tile to choose. Don’t worry, everyone, the editor of Xingfa Tile Industry will tell you which is more durable: resin tile or aluminum tile:


Which is more durable, resin tile or aluminum tile? (Summarize)

Advantages of resin tiles:

Light weight, easy installation, high labor costs, which can save installation costs, good sound insulation, a service life of more than 30 years, strong bearing capacity, impact resistance, good waterproof effect, etc., the price is similar to glazed tiles.

Disadvantages of resin tiles:

The threshold is low, and some small and long holidays mostly use recycled materials. The resin tiles of this recycled material are easy to fade and age.

Advantages of aluminum tiles:

Lightweight, less transportation workload, fast installation, can reduce installation workload, shorten the construction period, high strength, waterproof and shockproof, service life of more than 15 years, aluminum tiles can be recycled, and the value is relatively high.

Disadvantages of aluminum tiles:

The cost is high.

Resin tiles and aluminum tiles are durable, and each has its advantages, depending on the needs, the best fit is the best! Both aluminum tiles and resin tiles are suitable for industrial and civil buildings. Compared comprehensively, resin tiles are lighter, so the load-bearing pressure of the beams will be much reduced when building a house. The service life has been greatly increased, and the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance are more prominent, so in comparison, the performance in all aspects is slightly better.


How about resin tiles? In 2021, synthetic resin tiles are widely used, especially in the construction industry. Resin tiles are one of them. Resin tiles are a new type of environmentally friendly building decoration material. It is light in weight, high in strength, and has the function of waterproof and waterproof. It is used in many buildings. When purchasing, we use the following methods to judge whether the quality of the resin tile is good or not: touch the tile material with your hands softly, and the sound is low; check whether the appearance is clear and glossy; weigh whether the quality of the tile is qualified; The tiles are roasted by fire, and the flames will be extinguished immediately when they leave the fire source.

1. Weigh the weight with your hand and listen to the sound by tapping. The material of the resin tile is soft, and the board and board have a deep feeling when knocked. However, the fake and inferior imitation resin tiles feel oppressive in the hand. The knocking sound of the board and the board is relatively crisp.

2. Appearance, the outline of the appearance of the resin tile is clear, and the material itself is glossy. If the appearance is not like this, it may be a fake resin tile.

3. You can bake it with fire, and ignite the corner of the resin tile with fire. After the open flame leaves, the flame of the resin tile will stop immediately.

According to the above product quality inspection methods, the quality of resin tiles can be identified. When purchasing, everyone can carry out inspections from these aspects. Reliable and high-quality resin tiles have excellent corrosion resistance, so when purchasing, you must choose products with solid quality to ensure their service life.

In recent years, in the roofing and building materials market, resin tiles have entered thousands of households. Resin tiles can be seen everywhere in life, but the quality of resin tiles can be divided into good and bad. Today, the editor will teach you how to distinguish the quality of resin tiles.

1. Look at the appearance of the resin tile, and then tap the resin tile. A good resin tile has a clear outline and is glossy. We can also weigh it with our hands or tap the resin tile. High-quality resin tiles are very light, and there will be a dull feeling when knocked, while fake resin tiles will be heavy, and the knocking sound will be very crisp.

2. Burn the resin tile with fire, ignite a small corner of the resin tile, and then leave the fire source, and the flame will stop immediately. Inferior resin tiles will have a pungent smell. Because unscrupulous manufacturers add plasticizers to their products, plasticizers have a combustion-supporting effect.

3. Use a large truck to press the resin tile. The high-quality resin tile will not cause any damage, while the inferior resin tile does not need to be pressed by a truck. It will be broken with pliers, which are particularly brittle.

4. When purchasing resin tiles, look for regular manufacturers. Manufacturers of big brands have national standard inspection reports, quality assurance certificates, and other certificates, and after-sales services can be guaranteed. Xingfa resin tiles are produced through regular channels to bring you a good living experience.

The price of Xingfa resin tiles is relatively affordable, and Xingfa resin tiles can be guaranteed for 30 years in quality and 10 years in color, and can be used for 40-50 years.


Ridge tiles are used for ridge fixing and connection, and are important protectors at the joints of the two slopes of the roof. points. The main ridge, also known as the big ridge or the flat ridge, is located at the intersection of the front and rear slopes of the roof.

The specifications of resin tile ridge tiles are generally 1050x400x148mm or 880x400x148mm, and the width is more than 1050; the conventional thickness is 2.5mm, and other widths and thicknesses generally need to be customized.

Foshan Xingfa tile industry focuses on the production, research and development, and sales of new environmentally friendly resin tile building materials. The new environmentally friendly resin roof tile building material products produced are light, waterproof, tough, thermal insulation, sound insulation, anti-fouling, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, wind resistance, and shock resistance, fire insulation, easy installation, etc., with a wide variety and complete supporting facilities, a professional sales team of 30 people, one-on-one service throughout the whole process, and quick response. Choose us, let you buy and use resin tiles more in the process Worry free and comfortable.

High-quality resin tiles are the most concerning issue for every interested customer, so how to choose high-quality synthetic resin tiles? High-quality resin tiles are light in texture, and the knocking sound is dull between the boards. The inferior imitation porcelain tiles feel heavy and the knocking sound between the boards is clear.


Here are some criteria for judging the quality of resin tiles: First, the color is positive, without color difference and spots; high-quality resin tiles have good weather resistance, long service life, and are not affected by the local climate; the size and shape of high-quality resin tiles are carefully designed, and there is almost no deviation.

1. The color of the resin tile is soft and even, without inferiority; the resin tile has no color difference and no spots.

2. Weather-resistant resin tile, the color is durable and wind-resistant, and it will not fade in the sun and rain

3. The tile shapes of qualified manufacturers are carefully designed by experts from an artistic point of view, and it will give people a sense of beauty and intimacy when laid on the roof. The tiles of this small factory were not designed with such scrutiny. When the tiles are laid on the house, it gives a mechanical and rigid feeling. It looks uncomfortable.

4. Good roof tiles are laid in a straight line, as neat as printing, very beautiful, and generous. If the tile is warped, the gap will be large after laying, and it will not be very beautiful.

5. In northern China, the temperature of resin tiles in winter is generally lower than -15°C. Due to the poor compactness of synthetic resin tiles without high-pressure rolling, the service life is not long.

The above content is the quality standard for choosing resin tiles, and I hope it can be helpful to you.