What material is ASA Synthetic Resin Tile?

  ASA synthetic resin tiles are made of high-weathering ASA resin material and are a new type of building material produced using advanced chemical engineering technology. They are light in weight, waterproof, anti-corrosion, flame-retardant, strong, moisture-proof, and heat-insulating. Customers mostly purchase them for flat-to-slope transformation, industrial plants, greenhouse sheds, agricultural markets, corridors, new rural construction, warehouses, old city transformation, balcony top sheds, villas, shopping malls, residential areas, and imitation ancient buildings. The accessories of synthetic resin tiles include main tiles, eaves and cornices, straight ridge tile ends, sloping ridge tiles, three-way, 120-degree vertical wall waterless boards, sloping ridge tile ends, gourd treasure tops, drip boards, straight ridge tiles, imitation ancient drip boards, waterproof caps, 90-degree sun angles sealing eaves boards, 90-degree mountain wall waterless boards, left and right sealing eaves, 135-degree yin angles inverted flow boards, and 90-degree yin angles inverted flow boards.



  The surface of ASA synthetic resin tiles is very smooth. When it rains, the resin tiles will be very clean after being washed by rainwater, and they are not easy to hang snow, thus reducing the risk of roof collapse due to excessive snow load in snow areas. The general thickness of ASA synthetic resin tiles is 2.5-3mm, and the weight per square meter is about 4.5-6kg. The resin tiles have good load-bearing performance and can be supported with an interval of 750mm and a uniform load of 150kg.