Get to Know Synthetic Resin Tiles: Exploring Their Main Components and Production Materials

Synthetic resin tiles are a new generation of lightweight and environmentally friendly building materials that are currently being vigorously advocated and promoted by the country. They have various excellent characteristics such as light weight, high strength, waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, soundproof, and heat-insulating properties. They are widely applicable in the development of flat to sloping areas, agricultural markets, shopping malls, residential communities, high-end villas in new rural construction, canopies, sunshades, and imitation ancient buildings. Some friends may wonder, with so many advantages of synthetic resin tiles, what are its main components?

The main component of synthetic resin tiles is synthetic resin, which is a type of artificially synthesized polymer. The main components are usually PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin and ASA (acrylate-styrene-acrylonitrile) resin, which can exhibit a plastic flow state under external forces and have properties similar to resin.

Synthetic resin tiles typically consist of two layers: the top layer is an anti-UV and anti-aging layer, and the bottom layer is an impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant layer. The top layer is generally made of ASA resin (acrylate-styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer), which has excellent weather resistance and UV resistance, effectively extending the service life of synthetic resin tiles. The bottom layer is composed of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and other auxiliary materials, providing synthetic resin tiles with impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and other physical properties. Typically, these two layers are produced through co-extrusion to ensure their tight bonding and coordinated performance.

It is important to note that the structure of synthetic resin tiles may vary slightly depending on different manufacturers and product formulations. However, regardless of their structure, synthetic resin tiles are a high-performance building material. When choosing roofing materials, it is recommended to prioritize synthetic resin tiles!

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