Do not let the service life of synthetic resin tiles shrink! These maintenance tips must be mastered.

Now, roof tiles have returned to the public eye with a fresh new look. The traditional small pieces of tiles have been replaced by larger single synthetic resin tiles, which continue to uphold the tradition of protecting the eaves and providing reliable protection for people. Synthetic resin tiles are beautiful and elegant, with bright colors, and they have characteristics such as waterproof, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, and UV protection. They are widely used in new rural construction, villa roof decoration, flat-to-sloped projects, garden architecture, pavilions, and other buildings.

Synthetic resin tiles use high-weather-resistant ASA engineering resin as the surface material, which is crucial and directly affects the lifespan of synthetic resin tiles. So, how should we maintain synthetic resin tiles in our daily lives to extend their lifespan? Here are some maintenance methods for synthetic resin tiles:

  1. Regular cleaning and inspection: Regularly inspect and remove dirt, rainwater, and other hard-to-detect stains to prevent accumulation and maintain the cleanliness of the resin tiles.
  2. Regular inspection of the tile surface: Based on the usage of the resin tiles, regularly check for damage or cracks on the tile surface and promptly repair them to prevent water leakage and roof damage.
  3. Avoid scratching: When decorating and using them daily, be careful to avoid scratching or wearing down the surface of the resin tiles to maintain their appearance.

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