Do not let the sunlight “ruin” your roof, the synthetic resin tile manufacturer will tell you how to prevent fading.

Nowadays, roof tiles have returned to the public eye with a fresh new look. The traditional small pieces of tiles have been replaced by larger single synthetic resin tiles, which continue to uphold the tradition of protecting the eaves and providing reliable protection for people. Synthetic resin tiles are beautiful and elegant, with bright colors, lightweight texture, and durable toughness, widely used in new rural construction, villa roof decoration, flat-to-sloping projects, garden architecture, pavilions, and other buildings. However, some people are concerned that synthetic resin tiles may fade in the hot temperatures of summer.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can indeed affect the color of synthetic resin tiles, but high-quality synthetic resin tiles can maintain color stability under certain conditions. Typically, high-quality synthetic resin tiles, after prolonged exposure to sunlight, may have color deviations within a certain range, such as color deviation ≤5% within 5 years and ≤15% within 10 years. This is because the surface coating of high-quality synthetic resin tiles uses imported ultra-high weather-resistant material ASA, which has properties such as corrosion resistance, color fastness, and crack prevention, allowing it to maintain color stability and excellent performance even under harsh weather conditions. However, low-quality synthetic resin tiles are prone to color fading, surface cracking, deformation, and other issues after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Therefore, when purchasing synthetic resin tiles, it is important to choose high-quality products from reputable and professional synthetic resin tile brands and large manufacturers with strong capabilities. Not only do these products have reliable quality and after-sales support, but they also have international quality standard certifications. Comprehensive services ensure that you have no worries!

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