For which places are PVC roof sheets custom-made?

PVC roof sheets are a versatile building material that offers advantages such as lightweight, easy installation, eco-friendly, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, explosion-proof, and fire insulation. So, where is PVC tile suitable for use?

Residential buildings: PVC roof sheets can be used on the roofs of residential buildings, including self-built houses and villas. Its lightweight, waterproof, and durable characteristics make it a popular choice for roofing material.

Commercial and office buildings: PVC roof sheets are suitable for various commercial and office buildings, such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Its waterproof performance and easy maintenance make it an ideal roofing solution for commercial buildings.


Industrial plants and warehouses: PVC roof sheets can be applied to industrial plants, warehouses, and production facilities. Its corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and waterproof performance enable it to meet the requirements of industrial environments and protect buildings from damage.


Agricultural facilities: PVC roof sheets are suitable for agricultural facilities such as greenhouses, livestock sheds, and farms. Its waterproof and heat insulation properties can maintain stable temperatures and environmental conditions, benefiting crop growth and animal comfort.


Carports and parking lots: Due to the easy installation and waterproof performance of PVC roof sheets, they are also commonly used for roofing coverings in carports, parking lots, and outdoor parking spaces. They can effectively protect vehicles from sun exposure, rain, and other weather elements.

Other applications: PVC roof sheets can also be used in various building types such as metallurgical plants, chemical plants, cold storage facilities, sports arenas, exhibition halls, schools, and hospitals, offering advantages like corrosion resistance, heat insulation, fire resistance, and environmental friendliness.