Exploring the lifespan of PVC tiles: Long-lasting or short-lived?

PVC tiles have advantages such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, impact resistance, insulation, and explosion prevention. However, the specific lifespan of PVC tiles may vary among different brands. Additionally, the lifespan of PVC tiles can also be influenced by local environmental factors such as acidity and alkalinity.

Nevertheless, I can inform you that the lifespan of our PVC tiles is approximately 30 years, and the manufacturer provides a 30-year warranty service. Our PVC tiles have a large span, making them suitable for large-span factories. For factories in corrosive or high-temperature environments (such as the smelting and steel industries), the lifespan of PVC tiles may be shortened. Therefore, we have developed a variety of products within our PVC tile series tailored to different factory environments, such as APVC corrosion-resistant composite tiles, to meet specific needs in different environments.

Therefore, if you wish to extend the lifespan of PVC tiles, it is recommended to choose the appropriate tiles based on the actual usage environment to ensure that you purchase products that meet your requirements.

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