What are the factors that affect the lifespan of PVC tiles?

PVC corrugated tiles have the advantages of being lightweight, easy to install, corrosion-resistant, heat-insulating, wind and earthquake resistant, environmentally friendly, waterproof, explosion-proof, fire-resistant, and insulating. They are suitable for use in factories, agricultural markets, walkways, carports, etc., serving as a substitute for color steel tiles. They are now widely used in various applications. So, what are the factors that affect the lifespan of PVC tiles?

  1. Purchase high-quality PVC tiles: Choose reliable manufacturers or brands with a good reputation and buy high-quality PVC tiles. Ensure that the tiles meet relevant standards and specifications and have good weather resistance and durability.

  1. Regular cleaning and maintenance: Clean PVC tiles regularly to remove dust, leaves, and other debris. Use mild cleaning agents and soft brushes to clean, avoiding harsh cleaning tools and chemicals that may damage the tile surface. Regularly check for damage or cracks on the tiles and promptly repair or replace damaged tiles.


  1. Avoid collisions with sharp objects and heavy items: Avoid placing heavy objects on PVC tiles or subjecting them to severe impacts to prevent tile breakage and damage. When walking on the roof, use appropriate protective pads or boards to reduce pressure on the tiles.


  1. Proper installation and construction: Ensure the correct installation and construction of PVC tiles. Hire experienced professional construction teams or technicians for installation, following the manufacturer’s installation guidelines and recommendations. Proper installation ensures tight connections between tiles, preventing water leakage and wind impact.


  1. Protection against UV rays and extreme temperatures: PVC tiles are susceptible to UV rays and extreme temperatures. Use PVC tiles with UV resistance and high-temperature resistance and take appropriate protective measures, such as applying reflective coatings or using shade nets.


  1. Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect the roof and PVC tiles, promptly identifying and repairing any issues. Check the drainage system for blockages to prevent water accumulation on the tiles, avoiding water hazards and damage.

By implementing the above measures, the lifespan of PVC tiles can be extended, maintaining their appearance and performance. Additionally, following the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and recommendations is also crucial.

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