Environmentally friendly and lightweight, PVC tiles will change your roofing experience.

PVC tiles are a type of roofing material made primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). So, what are the characteristics of PVC tiles? Let’s explore them together today.

Weather resistance: PVC tiles have excellent weather resistance, able to withstand the effects of ultraviolet rays, high temperatures, extreme cold, and harsh weather conditions. They are not easily deformed, aged, cracked, or faded, maintaining a stable appearance and performance over time.

Good sound insulation: When exposed to external noise such as heavy rain and strong winds, PVC tiles have good noise absorption capabilities.


Lightweight and durable: PVC tiles are relatively lightweight compared to traditional tiles, stone, or metal tiles, reducing the load on buildings and structural pressure. Despite being lightweight, they still have sufficient strength and durability.


Waterproof: PVC tiles have excellent waterproof performance, effectively preventing water penetration and ensuring a dry and comfortable interior.


Good lighting: PVC tiles have good light transmittance, with a transmittance rate of 60%-70%, reducing the need for indoor lighting.


Good thermal insulation: PVC tiles have a low thermal conductivity, providing good thermal insulation and reducing heat conduction.


Easy installation and maintenance: PVC tiles are easy to install, can be fixed using dry laying or adhesive methods. Their smooth surface makes them less prone to dust or dirt accumulation, making cleaning and maintenance relatively easy.


Environmentally friendly: PVC tiles are an environmentally friendly material, free of harmful substances and recyclable. Their production process has relatively low energy consumption and minimal environmental impact compared to traditional tile materials.

It is important to note that PVC tiles may have some drawbacks under specific conditions. For example, in extreme high temperatures, PVC tiles may soften or deform. Additionally, as plastic products, the appearance of PVC tiles may slightly differ from traditional tiles or metal tiles, making them unsuitable for certain architectural styles.

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