Details and characteristics of synthetic resin tiles

What is resin tile? What are the advantages of resin tile compared to ordinary tiles? What are its characteristics? Let’s find out together!



Resin tile is divided into natural resin tile and synthetic resin tile. Most of them are synthetic resin tile now. The surface of synthetic resin tile adopts ASA imported ultra-high weather resistance engineering resin. It has ultra-long durability in harsh natural environment, and can maintain the stability of its color even in the long-term face of ultraviolet, humidity, high temperature and cold conditions.


It has long-lasting color, light quality, waterproof, tough, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-corrosion, windproof, shockproof, hail proof, anti-fouling, green environmental protection, fire prevention, heat preservation, convenient installation, beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional sense, and colors with Chinese elements. Therefore, it is widely used in roof decoration of all kinds of roofs and permanent buildings. At present, the domestic is vigorously promoting the material of “flat to slope” which is also applied in engineering. Its sound insulation function is different from that of color steel plate. When the color steel plate is affected by external noise such as heavy rain and strong wind, synthetic resin tile has a good sound absorption effect. It can watch TV quietly in the room and catch up with the TV series. Moreover, the roof color will become more beautiful and bright after the rain. It also has good load-bearing capacity. In low temperature areas, even if the roof is snow-covered all year round, synthetic resin tile will not produce surface damage and fracture.



More and more consumers are willing to choose synthetic resin tile as roof material compared with other traditional tiles. Traditional tiles generally have single color and are not as bright as resin tiles. Resin tile can bring different visual experience to users. Moreover, the quality of resin tile is better than that of ordinary tile, and the quality is much lighter, even if it falls from a high altitude, it will not break, which is impossible for ordinary tile. These advantages make it widely used in industrial installations.



Through the public’s multiple experiments and choices, resin tile has become a trend, gradually replacing traditional tiles, giving the public’s vision and bringing better experience to consumers!