Advantages and disadvantages of resin tile

There are many advantages of resin tiles, which can be seen everywhere in life, but resin tiles have advantages and disadvantages. As a resin tile manufacturer, we should explain the product situation to customers and consumers, what are the advantages and disadvantages. In this Xingfa resin tile, the editor will separately introduce the disadvantages of synthetic resin tiles.



 The disadvantage of resin tiles is one: thermal expansion and contraction. Synthetic resin tiles will change due to the large temperature difference between high and low temperatures, that is, thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, when installing synthetic resin tiles, we will strictly require the spacing of the purlins, generally around 75cm, to prevent the resin tiles from sagging or bulging due to thermal expansion and contraction, thus affecting the life of the resin tiles. 


The second disadvantage of resin tiles is that they are not resistant to high temperatures. Synthetic resin tiles will undergo physical changes at 180 degrees of high temperature, and will deform at 70-80 degrees of temperature, which is its innate defect. 



Therefore, synthetic resin tiles are not suitable for building roof tiles in smelting, casting and other high temperature fields. After introducing the disadvantages, what are the advantages of synthetic resin tiles? 


1. Good heat insulation performance, which has advantages over other roof tiles in terms of heat insulation performance.


 2. Fast installation, simple installation of synthetic resin tiles, large area of single resin tile, so the installation efficiency is higher. 


3. Long life, durable, using three-layer resin tiles, the surface layer is high weather resistance engineering resin, to ensure the product surface color, and product life. The middle layer is high-quality PVC and processing aids, and the bottom layer is wear-resistant layer. These three layers of co-extrusion process ensure the long life and durability of the product. 



Synthetic resin tiles can be accepted by the market, also relying on its own advantages.