Decrypting synthetic resin tiles: the secret of four-layer materials

As an environmentally friendly and durable roofing material, synthetic resin tiles have become very popular in the construction industry in recent years. But for many people, the main composition of synthetic resin tiles remains a mystery. Today, we will unveil the mystery of synthetic resin tiles and introduce the secrets of its four-layer materials.

First layer: super weather-resistant ASA weather-resistant layer

This layer is the first line of defense for synthetic resin tiles. It has super weather resistance and can effectively protect the tiles from natural factors such as ultraviolet rays, wind and rain, and maintain long-term beauty and durability.

Second layer: Super impact-resistant impact-resistant layer

This layer plays a key role in the event of severe weather and external shocks. It can withstand the impact caused by hail and other weather conditions, protect the tiles from damage and extend their service life.

The third layer: insulation layer

In hot weather, this layer plays the role of heat insulation, effectively blocking the damage of high temperature to the building and maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor environment.


The fourth layer: super wear-resistant layer

The main function of this layer is to protect the smooth surface of the tile, prevent external wear and tear from affecting the appearance and durability, and keep the synthetic resin tile looking like new for a long time.


To sum up, the four layers of materials of synthetic resin tiles each perform their own duties, which together contribute to its excellent performance and durability. Choosing synthetic resin tiles containing the above four layers of materials will not only enjoy a longer service life, but also provide more comprehensive protection for the building. Let us pay attention to the quality of building materials together and contribute our part to building a beautiful home!

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