Which is more expensive, colored steel tile or resin tile?

Introduction: As the two most common tiles in daily life, people often ask why resin tiles are more expensive than color steel tiles? In recent years, the advantages of corrosion resistance and durability of synthetic resin tiles have been more and more recognized by people, and there is a trend to gradually replace color steel tiles.

Color steel tile is a kind of double-sided painted steel plate, which is processed into various corrugations, so that the steel plate has good mechanical properties and acts as a roof tile. The color can only be maintained for 5-10 years, and the service life is 10 to 15 years. Single-layer color steel tile is used in places with low requirements for heat insulation and sound insulation. If used in life and office, color steel sandwich panels are generally used to enhance the heat insulation and sound insulation effect. In addition, color steel plate can have different thickness and different surface coating treatment, which directly affects the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and durability of color steel plate, and the price also varies greatly.

Which is more expensive than colored steel tile? Comprehensive comment: The price of synthetic resin tile is more expensive than that of color steel tile. Although the resin tile has no advantage in price, it is still slightly superior in application. It is superior to the color steel tile in terms of antique beauty, green environmental protection, rust free, temperature resistance and durability! So as the saying goes, “one penny for one batch”, which is better, resin tile or color steel tile? Because it is easy to install the synthetic resin tile, which can be said to be a one-time installation! However, after three or five years, the colored steel tile will be corroded, rusted and leaked, and it is likely to age and crack. The resin tile has a general service life of up to 30 years, and is widely used in the decoration of the roofs of old houses, new villas, factories, farms, antique buildings, farmhouses, garden scenic spots and other buildings. Comprehensive comparison: the weight of resin tile is slightly heavier than that of color steel tile, but the problem of color steel tile is that it is not corrosion resistant. Although the price of resin tile is higher than that of color steel tile, the service life of resin tile is twice that of color steel tile, and the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance of resin tile will be better. Therefore, the performance of synthetic resin tile is slightly better than other aspects. In fact, we don’t have to worry about which is better, resin tile or color steel tile. As we all know, each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, as long as we choose the most suitable tile for our own use.

Key words: Loudi resin tile is more expensive than color steel tile, and the service life of Loudi synthetic resin tile

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