Which is better, stainless steel tiles or resin tiles?

  Which roof material is good? Choosing is very important! With the rapid development of technology, roof materials have become varied, no longer the same old concrete and steel structures or ceramic tiles that take time and money. Currently, the roof materials favored by consumers on the market include various steel tiles and plastic tiles, rust steel tiles and resin tiles as two of them. Which one is good? Many consumers want to know…



  When consumers purchase roof materials, they want to spend less money, have the largest building area, and have the shortest construction time and longest use time… Rust steel tiles and resin tiles both have the characteristics of light weight, easy installation, and time and labor saving. Resin tiles also have the advantages of toughness, green environmental protection, rich colors that do not fade, beautiful and three-dimensional shapes, waterproof, toughness, heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, wind and shock resistance, fire prevention, and insulation. It is an ideal material for all kinds of building roof decoration and waterproofing. Resin tiles are cheaper than rust steel tiles, and they are more acid and alkali resistant. Rust steel tiles may be corroded and cause leakage after a long period of use. Rust steel tiles are used in hot weather, and the indoor environment will be relatively hot, while resin tiles have the characteristics of heat insulation and keeping warm in winter and cool in summer.



  Without further ado, I’m sure savvy consumers have made the best choice!