The exterior effect of villa resin tiles

  It is well known that villa resin tile has the characteristics of green environmental protection and non-toxicity, so its development trend is very rapid. Nowadays, the low-carbon environmental protection and water-saving core concept of building villa synthetic resin tile has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Customers and manufacturers are all advocating energy-saving and environmental protection products such as synthetic resin tile. Especially in recent years, China has been vigorously promoting recyclable products. Villa synthetic resin tile is a new type of roof tile material. It is a new type of anticorrosive tile developed and designed for residential areas, villas, gentle slopes, pavilions, etc. Villa resin tile is also called flat-to-slope resin tile, epoxy resin roof tile, old antique resin tile, etc. Villa resin tile is light in weight and has high compressive strength. It has excellent properties in waterproof, heat insulation, fire resistance and other aspects. It is an ideal material for various kinds of house roof construction, and many flat-to-slope projects are using villa resin tile. Villa resin tile is a new type of tile commodity after PVC board tile and plastic steel tile. The following is an analysis of the appearance effect map and case map of villa resin tile of Xingfa Tile Industry.