When we buy resin tiles, we must choose according to the actual situation.

When deciding to purchase resin tiles, one should be careful in choosing and not just purchase resin tiles or install them in an appropriate place. We should make a reasonable selection according to the use of the site, mainly in the following aspects: Now I will tell you what situations are not suitable for installing our resin tiles? Let the author tell you. The pitch is the distance between the waves and the height of the wave peak of the resin tiles. Before construction, the impact of the environment on the project should be considered first. If it is a rainy area, a resin tile type with a higher peak should be selected to reduce the time of rainwater staying on the tiles, avoid the attack of heavy rain, and improve the drainage speed of the resin tiles. When purchasing resin tiles, attention should be paid to the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of the resin tiles, especially the parameters in the resin tile manual, whether there is a warranty period, how long the warranty period is; including whether ASA materials and other weathering additives are selected, because acid and alkali substances directly affect the service life of resin tiles, especially in coastal areas where acid rain occurs frequently, so the corrosion resistance of resin tiles should be paid more attention. Due to the different colors, the absorption degree of light by resin tiles will also be different, and ultraviolet is also one of the factors affecting the service life of resin tiles. Generally speaking, the lighter the color of the resin tiles, the lower the absorption effect of light, otherwise the higher.



Another situation is that there are many places where resin tiles need to be spliced, otherwise they are too long and inconvenient for construction. Therefore, when purchasing resin tiles, the specific construction environment should be considered. For small construction areas, the length of each resin tile should not be too long, so as to reserve a certain thermal expansion and expansion space for the resin tiles in the later stage, so as to ensure the thermal insulation of the whole project.



These are the four points to be noted when resin tiles are not suitable for use. In addition, other price and quality factors of resin tiles are also considered. Here I would like to remind consumers again that when purchasing resin tiles, they must not neglect the quality problem for the pursuit of price at the moment, and must choose resin tiles with high cost performance and guarantee.