Is it better to use resin tiles or iron tiles for the roof?

Recently, many people have been asking: is it better to do a roof with resin tiles or iron sheets? First, we need to understand the differences between the two. 

When it comes to doing a roof, is it better to use resin tiles or iron sheets? Xingfa Tile Industry suggests that you choose resin tiles, as they are lightweight and installation can be made simpler, reducing the load on the house, and construction with resin tiles is faster than with iron sheets. 

The differences between resin tiles and iron sheets are as follows: 

1. Suitable buildings for the roof are different 

Resin tiles: suitable for self-built houses, sheds, villas or communities, farmers’ markets, steel structure factories, warehouses, etc. for long-term buildings. 

Iron sheets: suitable for warehouses, sheds, farmers’ markets, steel structure factories, etc. for simple buildings. 

2. Different raw materials 

Resin tiles: made of ASA synthetic material. 

Iron sheets: the raw material is steel plate. 

3. Different performance 

Resin tiles: more corrosion-resistant, soundproof and aesthetically pleasing, with a strong three-dimensional sense, but the roof is prone to fading and aging, and the service life is relatively short. 

Iron sheets: good waterproof performance, high thermal conductivity, poor weather resistance, and short service life.