What should we pay attention to when installing FRP lighting tiles?

FRP skylight tiles are the new generation of roof skylight products in 2023. When installing FRP skylight tiles, it can increase the lighting of the building, but attention should be paid to damage or scratches which will affect the service life of the skylight tiles. Here are some tips for installing FRP skylight tiles: 1. Prepare accessories such as screws, drills, waterproof tape, and waterproof caps; 2. The diameter of the drilled hole should be 2-3 mm larger than the diameter of the fixed screw to prevent FRP skylight boards from thermal expansion and contraction; 3. A waterproof gasket must be used to prevent water and dust; 4. Double-sided glue should be used above the girder position to prevent friction between the FRP skylight board product and the girder; 5. FRP skylight tiles do not need to be spliced within 12 meters, and need to be spliced when exceeding 12m; 6. When storing FRP skylight tiles, do not place heavy objects above the products to avoid damaging the products. The above are the precautions for installing FRP skylight tiles. To purchase FRP skylight tiles, please find a professional Xingfa Resin Tile Factory. We can provide installation videos, on-site guidance and installation. If you encounter any problems during the installation of FRP skylight tiles, please feel free to consult our Xingfa Resin Tile Factory.