What fields are FRP lighting tiles suitable for

FRP skylight tiles have a very good development prospect because of their wide range of uses, such as in shopping malls, toilets, factories, warehouses, etc. Skylight tiles not only improve the grade of buildings, but also have the function of skylight. Here I will introduce the common places where FRP skylight tiles are used:



1. FRP skylight tiles are used more in factories, supermarkets and personal self-built houses.

2. With the development of the times, the products of XINGFA resin tile manufacturers are constantly improving, and the use of FRP skylight tiles has even been extended to subway stations, corridors, airport terminals, hospitals, and even highway interchanges.

3. FRP skylight tiles are widely used in agriculture, such as vegetable greenhouses, cattle greenhouses, pig greenhouses and other farms, which have a great usage, and skylight tiles effectively promote the development of breeding industry and increase farmers’ income.



4. FRP skylight tiles are suitable for the construction of new rural areas, which can have the effect of windproof, cold-resistant and sand-resistant in the northeast of China and other regions.

5. FRP skylight tiles are suitable for car sheds, sunshades, indoor shed roofs, large shopping malls and other buildings.