What kind of resin tile has better quality

Customers and craftsmen who understand synthetic resin tiles know that the quality and market prices of synthetic resin tiles are uneven. Some people always ask: what kind of resin tile is of good quality? Let me analyze it for you. Adding a large amount of toughening agent to reduce cost is why his resin tile can be sold at such a low price. There are many small factories and shops on the market that make “hands and feet” from the overview materials of synthetic resin tiles, using ABS materials as ASA materials. ABS materials are not as superior as ASA materials in terms of characteristics and color durability. Generally, it will fade in one to two years and the brittleness rate is much faster. The quality of ASA synthetic resin tiles is directly related to the price of resin tiles. The cost of raw materials affects the quality of resin tiles. Some factories accept “waste recycling” and “semi-new epoxy resin materials” to make new resin tiles. The key component of resin tiles is high-endurance engineering project epoxy resin, which is currently 30,000 yuan per ton on the market. Many factories fake and shoddy, reduce the amount of epoxy resin powder and mix more other fillers, which only cost a few hundred yuan per ton. The difference in value is suddenly revealed. Therefore, when selecting materials, we must grasp the overall strength of the manufacturer and the after-sales service. Many small processing factories are all doing low-end materials and the boss will run away. The manpower cost of dismantling and installing tiles is also relatively high. So why don’t we take precautions in time? We must not only aim for cheapness. Everyone knows that a penny a penny goods!