The resin tile manufacturer sincerely tells you: Is it really better for synthetic resin tiles to be heavier?

In the construction materials market, synthetic resin tiles are highly popular due to their attractive appearance, waterproof and fireproof characteristics, among others. However, some people may notice that some synthetic resin tiles of the same size have different textures, with some being lighter and others heavier. As a result, some people may believe that the heavier the texture, the better the quality of the synthetic resin tile. However, we all know that resin tiles have the advantage of being lightweight, so why would we say that the heavier the resin tile, the better? Today, let’s explore this issue together.



Firstly, let us understand the production process of synthetic resin tiles. Synthetic resin tiles are a type of composite material made from a mixture of resin, fiberglass, and other additives. They are typically made in molds and cured at high temperatures. Due to different production processes and different raw materials, the density and weight of synthetic resin tiles may vary.



So, does a lightweight synthetic resin tile necessarily have poor quality? In fact, that is not the case. Lightweight synthetic resin tiles have the following advantages:

More convenient: Tiles with a lighter feel are lighter in weight for the same size, making them easier to transport and install, reducing the labor intensity of workers and construction time.

More energy-efficient: Lightweight synthetic resin tiles have poorer thermal conductivity, reducing heat transfer and making buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter, thereby reducing the use of air conditioning and heating and saving energy.



More environmentally friendly: Lightweight synthetic resin tiles use less raw materials, reducing environmental impact, while also reducing energy consumption and pollution during the production process.


Of course, synthetic resin tiles with a heavy feel may also have advantages. If you really don’t know how to choose, then you must choose a large manufacturer that focuses on the research, development, production, and sales of resin tiles, which is strong and trustworthy, and absolutely avoids doing anything that would harm their reputation!