What is the service life of synthetic resin tiles?

The service life of roof tiles directly relates to the safety of our lives and property. We must be careful when choosing roof tiles. Many friends are skeptical about the service life of the currently popular synthetic resin tiles, so let the 19-year experienced resin tile factory– XINGFA TILE INDUSTRY give you a correct answer.



Synthetic resin tiles have a smooth and dense surface, using ultra-weatherproof engineering resin, a skeleton layer in the middle to increase product toughness, and a bottom layer of high-quality PVC wear-resistant resin. High-quality resin tiles are made of high-quality raw materials and various additives, and each link is scientifically matched and strictly controlled in production. Each tile is tested multiple times to ensure that the product is qualified and can enter the market before leaving the factory. This kind of synthetic resin tile has a guaranteed service life. Under normal circumstances, the quality is guaranteed for 30 years, and the manufacturer can provide quality assurance.



High-quality synthetic resin tiles have the advantages of waterproof, leak-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, fireproof, insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction, etc. It is light in weight, firm and durable, with a large overall area, easy to transport and install. At the same time, it also solves the problems of heavy weight, easy damage, leakage, and short service life of traditional tiles and small green tiles. When the house is covered with synthetic resin tiles, the fading rate is ≤5% within 10 years, the surface is smooth and stain-resistant, and it can be washed clean as new after rainwater flushing.



However, if we can buy inferior resin tiles, the service life of the network cannot be guaranteed. The service life of synthetic resin tiles is directly related to the raw materials of the product. The raw materials determine the performance and quality of the product. Each enterprise and merchant has different raw material formulas for producing resin tiles, so the quality of the resin tiles produced and developed is also different, and the service life in the natural environment is also different. The cheaper the resin tiles, the shorter the service life. If you want to ensure the long-term use of roof tiles, it is still recommended to purchase from large manufacturers, which not only saves the middleman link, but also has social security for quality management.