What is the reason for the price difference between synthetic resin tiles?

When customers are purchasing synthetic resin tiles, the primary concern they think of is the price of the synthetic resin tiles. Low-priced products are indeed attractive, and synthetic resin tiles with similar appearances but not too far apart in price, as a Chinese consumer, how would you choose? What are the factors that affect the price difference of synthetic resin tiles? 



1. Raw materials for synthetic resin tiles

High-quality raw materials are essential to ensure the quality and stability of synthetic resin tile products. Of course, the cost of high-quality raw materials is definitely higher, which leads to a higher ex-factory price of resin tiles.



2. Synthetic and resin tile production technology and process

The standard control of synthetic resin tile production process and formula, as well as the multiple tests of products, are also important factors affecting the price of resin tiles. Reputable resin tile manufacturers must pass multiple tests to ensure that the products are qualified before entering the market, which undoubtedly increases labor and various costs.



3. Reputation of synthetic resin tile manufacturers

Synthetic resin tile manufacturers with good products, good reputation, and good service have a great difference in terms of input in all aspects. Unlike some manufacturers in the market, their products may be cheap, but if there are any problems, they will not be guaranteed, and the buyer will ultimately bear all the losses.

These are the risk factors affecting the price of synthetic resin tiles. When selecting resin tiles, one should not focus too much on the price of synthetic resin tiles, but should think from multiple perspectives and make reasonable calculations, and set a reasonable purchasing plan according to the actual work of the enterprise.